"Influenced by some of the legendary names of pop and soul, such as the Beatles, Elton John, Otis Redding, and Stevie Wonder, Californian Ernie Halter first began to make waves for himself with the release of his 2005 collection, Lo-Fidelity. The singer and songwriter got his start playing a small -- mostly covers -- coffeehouse gig in 1992, and was able to maintain the difficult position of being a working musician (and closet songwriter) by simply paying his dues, working on songs in his spare time, and playing in coffeehouses and smaller gigs to keep active on the scene and to sharpen his skills. Eventually, word of mouth and the Internet community on websites such as MySpace and YouTube worked in Halter's favor, and by 2007 -- and his next release, Congress Hotel (on Rock Ridge Music) -- he had built up quite a buzz, and the staunchly indie Halter could be seen touring throughout much of the United States." (Chris True All Music Guide) 

Halter has released 7 albums, toured 50 states, and seen his popularity swell to more than 510,000 Twitter followers, 12,000 YouTube subscribers, and nearly 10,000 Facebook 'Likes'.

In 2011 Justin Bieber covered Ernie Halter's "Come Home To Me" making international headlines and exposing Halter's music to a wide new audience.

Ernie Halter has shared the studio and stage with: Jason Mraz, Lady Antebellum, Neil Young, Colbie Caillat, Sara Barielles, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Eric Hutchinson, Tony Lucca, Allen Stone, Drake Bell, Sister Hazel, and more.

Halter's songs have been heard on SiriusXM Coffeehouse, Good Morning America, A Thousand Words (Film), Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jimmy Kimmel Live, General Hospital, Young & The Restless, Cougar Town, Army Wives, The Real World, Disney's Sonny With A Chance and Delta Airlines. 

Ernie Halter is a regular favorite at venues nationwide such as The Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles), Rockwood Music Hall (New York City), SPACE (Chicago), 3rd & Lindsley (Nashville), Eddie's Attic (Atlanta), The Prophet Bar (Dallas), The Walnut Room (Denver), Jammin' Java (DC), and more.
In October 2012 Ernie launched The 52 Songs Club via crowdfunding website and raised $35,000 to write, record, and deliver a song per week to each of the 500+ project backers. 


My official bio tells you what I've done but not who I am, so..

My mom is Cuban and my dad is Yugoslavian. I guess that makes me a "Cuboslavian". My folks met at bar in Torrance, CA called the Zebra Room in 1970. Apparently it was a happening place. Many other of the regulars that met at the Zebra Room were also married, and still together 40 years later!

I was born in Inglewood, California October 1974 but spent my childhood in Tustin (a quiet suburb in Orange County) with my parents and two older brothers.

My mom had an upright piano in the house, and I was messing around with it ever since I could reach the keys. When I was 8, she found me a teacher. I preferred Beatles to Bach and after 5 years convinced my parents to let me quit piano lessons. I taught myself to read chord charts out of pop song books and I was hooked again. I learned to play guitar and sing at 15 and was writing songs shortly after. I've pretty much been obsessed with music ever since.

Other passions of mine include aviation (I take flying lessons when I have the time and money), audiobooks, learning new things, and I have a long standing love affair with technology. I'd rather leave the house without pants than without my iPhone. (Though where would I put my phone?)

I've also been blessed with a beautiful wife, Kristen, and 3 amazing kids, Jackson, Lucy, and Layla. Lucy and Layla are identical twins, also known as "The Twinjas".

Weird facts about me: I've never broken a bone, been stung by a bee, or had the chicken pox, and I'm the possibly one the greatest parallel parkers on earth and have pictures to prove it.

Something you'd like to know? Email me...



"Perfect for driving on a winding road with the windows down."
Justine Magazine

"Ernie's milk-and-honey voice is a sweet serenade."
Girl's Life Magazine

"Halter knows how to connect with fans."
Christopher John Treacy - Boston Herald

"Ernie Halter is going to be a huge star!"
Daily Buzz TV 


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